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 ====== Change Matrix room retention time ====== ====== Change Matrix room retention time ======
-Systemli's Matrix home server instance has a default retention time of 30 days. We allow values from 1-180 days. Sadly, this setting is currently not exposed in Element. If you want to increase/decrease this time, do as follows:+Systemli's Matrix home server instance has a default retention time of 30 days. We allow values from 1-180 days. 
-  * Find you personal access token in Element by: +<note important>Clients that have already downloaded and stored the event/message might continue to show it, unless they themselves implement support for message retention policies, the homeserver can not do anything about this.</note
-    * Click on your username in the upper left corner + 
-    * All settings Help & About > Advanced +---- 
-    * Access Token<click to reveal> + 
-  * Find room id in Element by+It is possible to send custom events from developer tools of element web and set room retention time there. Something likeRight-click a room → Settings → Advanced → Open developer tools → Send custom event 
-    Click on room info (i) in the upper right corner + 
-    * Room settings > Advanced > Room information +type: 
-    * Internal room ID: +content{ "max_lifetime": 34560000002 } 
-  * The APi only accept a time in miliseconds, so calulate a new time: + 
-    * 1000*60*60*24*$number_of_days +Click the red "Event"-button and then send. 
-  * Use curl to put another lifetime + 
-<code> +After sending, you can verify that the retention is setGo back and choose room state and there
-curl -X PUT -d '{"max_lifetime": 7}' --header "AuthorizationBearer $your_access_token" '$your_room_id/state/'  + 
 ===== Further reading ===== ===== Further reading =====
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