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Change Matrix room retention time

Systemli's Matrix home server instance has a default retention time of 30 days. We allow values from 1-180 days.

Clients that have already downloaded and stored the event/message might continue to show it, unless they themselves implement support for message retention policies, the homeserver can not do anything about this.

It is possible to send custom events from developer tools of element web and set room retention time there. Something like: Right-click a room → Settings → Advanced → Open developer tools → Send custom event

You'll first need to convert the desired time in days to milliseconds, i.e.: 1000*60*60*24*<number_of_days>

content: { "max_lifetime": 34560000002 }

Click the red “Event”-button and then send.

After sending, you can verify that the retention is set: Go back and choose room state and there.


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