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Tips for more secure communication

1. Encrypt your Computer / Smartphone

  • Windows: Veracrypt
  • Mac OSX: FileVault 2
  • Linux: select full-disk-encryption during installation
  • Android: system settings

2. Set a lockscreen-password to prevent unauthorized access to your computer/smartphone

3. Use a password-manager

4. Encrypt your communication

5. Use Tor-browser for anonymous browsing

  • Orfox (Tor-browser for Android.) Attention! Orfox is currently still in beta-phase. We therefore currently advise against using Orfox on your smartphone for strong anonymity. Orfox only works in conjuction with Orbot. Orfox is a mobile browser designed with privacy in mind while Orbot contains the actual Tor-application

6. Find and use trustworthy service providers

** Note: To use many of these programs, you can use the Tails Live-CD without having to install the programs on your computer.

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