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Change Matrix room retention time

Systemli's Matrix home server instance has a default retention time of 30 days. We allow values from 1-180 days. Sadly, this setting is currently not exposed in Element. If you want to increase/decrease this time, do as follows:

  • Find you personal access token in Element by:
    • Click on your username in the upper left corner
    • All settings > Help & About > Advanced
    • Access Token: <click to reveal>
  • Find room id in Element by:
    • Click on room info (i) in the upper right corner
    • Room settings > Advanced > Room information
    • Internal room ID: …
  • The APi only accept a time in miliseconds, so calulate a new time:
    • 1000*60*60*24*$number_of_days
  • Use curl to put another lifetime
curl -X PUT -d '{"max_lifetime": 7}' --header "Authorization: Bearer $your_access_token" '$your_room_id/state/' 

Check if custom retention time is set

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer $your_access_token" '$your_room_id/state/'       

If something custom is configured it should return something like


Further reading

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