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Using systemli cloud as group


In our cloud, you find the Collectives app (to be found behind the star with »C« in the app menu on top). This app attempts to support activist and community projects with organizing.

In Collectives you can work collaboratively on documents, link them among each other and maintain templates for subpages - e.g. a template for meeting notes or for reflecting actions.

Ultimatively, the Collectives app combines the basic functions of a wiki (including full text search and backlinks) with a modern user interface and collaborative editing - as known from pads.

The documentation of Nextcloud Collectives can be found here.

Account management

If using the cloud as group, there's the problem which user the shared data (documents, calendars, deck boards, …) belong to. Therefore we strongly recommend to use Nextcloud Circles for groups:

  • Each member of your group needs a personal systemli account.
  • Addititionally, you should create a group admin account that is maintained by several members.
  • Create all objects in Nextcloud that you want to share among the group (folders for documents, calendars, Nextcloud Talk rooms, …) with this admin account.
  • Create a Nextcloud Circle for your group with the admin account (at “Contacts” in the app list on the top) and add all personal accounts of your members to this circle.
  • Share all group objects with this circle.
  • Beware: If you create a Nextcloud Collective, a corresponding Nextcloud Circle will be created automatically. You can use this Circle to share further things. So if you plan to use the Collectives app anyway, you could create your group Collective first and share all further objects with its corresponding Circle.

If you follow the above workflow, you later can easily add/remove members from your group Circle. You don't have to share all objects again each time a new member joins your group. Also, you can spread the administration of your admin account among several team members and easily pass it on once the initial admins become inactive.

Good to know: systemli accounts will only be visible in the cloud after the account was logged in once at Only then, you can add the account to a Nextcloud circle.
Important: systemli accounts are deleted two years after the last login. If you use an account only for administrating Circles and shared objects, please make sure that your login at least once in every two years, or configure forwarding to another mailbox in your webmail (german only).
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